"Nature at it's most Exotic"

Join Us...It's WILD in HERE!

The Children's Nature Center (CNC) is the only living museum within a 250-mile radius that exhibits exotic animals in naturalist habitats. The center hosts more than 120 unique creatures, ranging from 13-foot pythons to 1-inch-long dart frogs to lively stingrays. We have saltwater habitats and freshwater habitats, as well as numerous coral tanks with a wide variety of aquatic life. CNC features a collection of snakes, reptiles, and amphibians, as well as a variety of colorful parrots. Our living and inanimate exhibits are all designed to educate guests on animals, wildlife, and the environment.

"In a word, awesome!"

If you want a totally interactive experience, this is the place for you and your kids or grandkids! Took my grandson and we both had a great time. The hosts are obviously intimately connected with the animals. We got a guided tour of each of the animals, aquariums and habitats from a very knowledgable guide. Very enjoyable! And there's a giant free-range turtle named Bruce roaming around. We loved it!


Trip Advisor

A Great Kid's Experience!

This place may not look like much from the outside but it is well worth a  visit with your kids. Every inch of space is used to educate and display exotic animals. Many of the animals have been rescued and have interesting stories (snakes from Michael Jackson's ranch!). The staff is  amazing. Get a personal tour, it is well worth it and you will learn so  much more and see so many more of the animals 


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"This Place is so Great!"

My children had so much fun and learned a lot about the different creatures! They loved that it was hands on, and our awesome tour guide was so great about making sure our son with special needs was included! We will be back for sure! Go check this place out!! You won't be disappointed!.

Anita Marie Hamilton